About Us - Merlin Batchelor

Merlin Batchelor

I am a notary public practising in Norwich. My experience as a notary has taught me that clients value flexible, premium services at a low cost and this is what I aim to provide. I am authorised as a public officer by the official regulator for notaries in England and Wales, the Master of Faculties.

work hard to assist our clients. I had surgery under general anaesthetic in 2018 during a morning procedure and was back in the office that afternoon! I sometimes work through the night to keep on top of matters. I usually raise over £300,000 per annum for charity during the October Free Wills Month event.

I am also a qualified solicitor advocate with experience covering local and international jurisdictions. An advocate is a solicitor who has higher rights of audience before the courts. I trained with a "Top 100" firm but also gained experience working in-house to better understand the needs of my business clients. In any transaction I aim to put the commercial or private needs of my clients at the heart of the matter.

Practice areas:

  • Notarial acts;
  • Conveyancing;
  • Private client;
  • Commercial;
  • Corporate;
  • Employment; and
  • Intellectual property.