Legal Services

  • Contract drafting

    We can service your legal contract requirements including drafting your company terms & conditions, commercial contract reviews, employment contracts, loan agreements and other types of professionally-drafted legal contract.

  • Conveyancing

    We handle all aspects of residential and commercial conveyancing including: sales, purchases, re-mortgages, auctions, new leases, lease extensions and more. We are also experienced at working with property investors to create option agreements, lease options, delayed completions, rent to rent schemes, property flips, auction pack reviews, title splits and other creative deals. We work to a fixed fee so you know the cost up front and unlike many law firms our prices are always inclusive of VAT. Alongside providing great value service we are accessible seven days a week so we work quickly and efficiently to get the deal through.

  • Litigation

    We can act on dispute matters, either between a landlord and tenant, or a financial dispute over consumer or business-related goods or services. We will advise you through every step of the matter from initial proceedings to enforcement. Instructing us will allow you to feel reassured that the matter is being expertly handled.

  • Serve and receive documents

    Sometimes you might wish a third party deliver a document on your behalf or receive documents on your behalf. Overseas parties to contracts governed by English law are often required to have an address within England and Wales at which legal process may be served. Contact Notary Express if you require documents to be served on another party or wish to use our services for the receipt of documents.

  • Translations

    We work with a local firm to deliver certified translations into almost any language with a high degree of accuracy and quick turnaround (normally just 1 or 2 days for any language).

  • Wills and probate

    A will dictates how you want your assets to be distributed after death. Without a will the law decides what happens to your assets and it can be a complicated and expensive process for your family members to obtain rights to those assets at a difficult time. We can draft your will so that you control what happens to your assets and make the process simpler for your family. We also provide home visits so we can attend on you to make life easier.

    We also provide probate services and so can act as the trustees under a will to distribute the assets in accordance with the wishes expressed in your will, or if intestate then in accordance with the law. Being a trustee can be an onerous and complex task so we are pleased to be able to smooth the process for your loved ones.